Our Story

MetroFiber Systems is an Augusta, Georgia based fiber Internet company led by individuals with rich histories of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses and homes for over 20 years. As early pioneers in Voice over IP, having been the first locally owned private company to offer such services in Columbia/Richmond Counties, our expertise grew and additional solutions for our clients quickly followed to include managed network services, server colocation, virtual desktops, virtual servers and now data and voice fiber connectivity.

Why Fiber? The reason is simple and rooted in elevating network security to the next level. Together with a host of partners in the industry, we create more secure private network environments for our clients and allow them to take advantage of our many peering relationships direct to technology providers.  

Our Mission

Provide the most efficient route for traffic by establishing direct peering relationships with top content and backbone providers. 

Enjoy our work, make an honest living, set expectations, and do what we promise.